A funny vacation and secrets of a lake – Interact was in the house

From the 8th April to the 12th April the year 8 classes took part in a special theater workshop called “Interact“.

Each class was matched with two teaching artists who were also native speakers of English and they had to create an English play together. The students had one week to create and to rehearse it. At the end they presented their very different plays to the 7th classes in the 5th and 6th lesson on Friday and in the afternoon at 3 p.m. they presented the play to their parents, friends and teachers.

The play of the 8a was called “Secrets of the lake“. It was about a mysterious girl who lets people disappear because they harm her precious lake.
The 8b presented a play called “On vacation” in which a group of students wants to fly to Spain but instead they stop at several other destinations with funny encounters on their way and have to find the right way to Spain by plane, bus and boat. It was a very exciting experience for all students.

Levke Stegemeier (8b)