White Horse Theatre in Lemwerder

Last Wednesday, 29th November 2023, the White Horse Theatre visited our school. The White Horse Theatre is a theatre group that comes to schools in Germany to perform its plays directly in the schools. It is located in North Rhine-Westphalia but the actors are from the United Kingdom.

The students of the years five to seven watched a play called “The Dark Lord & The White Witch” and the students of the years eight to ten watched “Success Story”.

The play “The Dark Lord & the White witch” is a story that is based on Tolkien’s “Lord of the Rings”. Since it was a play for 10-to-13-year-old pupils, the English they used was adapted and the actors used a lot of gestures as well. This way it was possible for us to understand the play.

“Success Story” is about the influence of social media and how it changes us.
The actors were teenagers who felt insecure about themselves and were frustrated because everyone on social media seemed to be more popular, braver or more talented. In a dream about a hospital TV show, all their dreams came true, and they could be whatever they admired in others. But in the end, they noticed that not all their dreams were good experiences. They learned that it is okay to be different and not like the others.

The stories were very interesting and funny. After the plays the students had the chance for Q&A (Question and Answer). One student asked how much time the actors had needed to rehearse a play. Everyone was very surprised because they told us that they had only needed 10 days to rehearse “The Dark Lord & The White Witch“.

Gymnasium Lemwerder says thank you to the White Horse Theatre!

By Karina Noel, Antonia Thümler, Josephina Winkelmann (7b) and Ina Haverkamp, Jula Nikolopoulos (10a)