InterAct – English in action!

This week was very special to the classes 9a and 9b. In the first week of November and with corona still going on, they did the English project “InterAct” with two native speakers: George from San Francisco, US (9a) and Liam from Brisbane, Australia (9b).

Both classes got a lot of English input, but focused on different topics. Liam and the 9b did a “Media Week” and created great videos, using different techniques and camera settings while George discussed different topics in the “Native Speaker Week” with the 9a. They combined outside activities with intense debates in the classroom.

Viktoria (9b): Despite social distancing rules and wearing masks all the time we had a great week with our media project. We wrote scripts, made and edited our own films. We used different techniques to create ads or stop motion videos. It was cool to have Liam help us make our films. We had lots of fun and on Friday we finished with LIF-Lemwerder International Film Festival.

Abdurrahman (9a): On Monday we started with questions for George and then we did a warming up with a little bit of running and we played a really interesting game. The game is called “Zip-Zop” and it is really funny but you also need to concentrate a lot. Then we took photos of different objects and colors. On Tuesday we answered multiple choice questions about democracy and discussed different aspects of it. On Wednesday and Thursday we created and advertised products about climate change. Every day started with a warming up exercise and on Friday we had a debate with two parties and every party had to come up with a plan for the country. We had a budget and had to give it to every resort like economy, military, medicine, culture, human rights and education. It was a really nice week and George was really cool, too.