Where do you belong?

Some time ago we worked on a text called “Where I belong”. That made us think about this question and here is what some of us came up with:

My English teacher asked me the question “Where do you belong?” and this is a difficult question, but I think I have the answer. I belong to my family, especially to my brother. My brother and I have a close connection. Although he is not living at my parents’ house, we talk on the phone every second day. […] I also have a very good bond with my grandparents. They are very caring and take care of me when I’m not feeling well. My parents are very caring too and appreciate me very much. […] I really miss my grandma. She was a really beautiful and helpful person. I am very attached to my family and value everyone in my family. I hope I have answered the question where I belong. (Joona, 8b)

I would say I belong to some special places like my home, the barn where I go riding or the harbor where my family’s boat is. I love these places so much because there are my friends and my family. When I’m in another country, it feels a little bit like home too when these people are with me, but I wouldn’t say that I “belong” there. […] But why? Here in Germany are my best friends and my whole family and more. Here are the things that I love so much like my pets, my plants and my books. If I have these things around me, I am happy and I can forget all my problems. (Jule, 8b)

My teacher asked me to write a text about “Where I belong” and the answer is: where I feel good. When I’m with my family I feel amazing because they understand me. They console me when I am crying and when I am sad. My pets make me feel amazing and fantastic. When my family and my pets are near me, then I am happy. My friends understand me and they entertain me. (Leonie, 8b)

I also think that my home is with my real friends. Because they (almost) always make me happy and I hope I make them happy, too. I met a few of them here [at school] and a few along other ways. It sounds strange but somehow I belong to school. Because I know everyone here and it’s just my everyday life. I belong to many things, but I would never say that I belong to any other country than Germany. Because for me “where I belong” means where I spent my childhood and that is this place. (Beeke, 8b)

For me this is a really easy question. Of course I’m young and I need to learn but for now I would say that I belong with my people. My people are the ones I can trust blindly, the ones I would do anything for and they would do the same. For example my friends are my people because they make me enjoy my life. Even on bad days they make me laugh although I’m sad. I really appreciate them. Of course they are not the only people I love. My family, especially my mum, makes me feel at home. I am so greatful for my mum because I love her with everything that I have. She makes me feel unique and protected. […] So my official answer to this question is: I belong with my people because I could go anywhere with them and I would feel comfortable. They are so important for me and I love them so much. When I’m with them I feel special and I know not everybody has this kind of people, but I do and that makes me even more greatful. (Lina, 8b)